How Do I Love Thee?

Ever have that kind of mommy day when you find yourself focusing, with laser precision, on the faults of everyone and everything around you? The usual targets being your messy house, your messy kids, and, perhaps, your (messy?) husband.

Sometimes it’s so easy to head down that slippery slope; but, it never leads anywhere good. Really.

The alternative? Focus on the good stuff. Like what? Find something specific you love about your spouse, your child(ren), and other people and objects that tend to trigger your mental tirade.

. . . the creamy softness of your child’s skin;

. . . your child’s innate ability to love you, want you, need you — no matter how many times you think you’ve messed up;

. . . ten little toes that reflexively curl when you touch them;

. . .the inimitable peace and purpose that comes from holding your sleeping newborn on your chest. (How can you tell I no longer have infants in my home? Let’s move on.)

. . . the way your husband looks in his _______ (fill in the blank with jeans, business suit, birthday suit, whatever.)

. . . the fact your that guy’s thighs are bigger than yours.

. . . it’s much easier to tolerate your family 24/7, than say, Jillian the trainer from h _ _ _, on The Biggest Loser television show.

. . . you have indoor plumbing.

Okay, get the idea? Find something positive to deter you from the negative.