When Momma Ain’t Happy. . .

. . . Ain’t Nobody Happy

Our expectations (and whether they’re met or not) directly impact how we experience each day.  When things go our way, we’re happy. When they don’t, we’re not, and then the day turns sour…for everyone.

So, for the sanity of our entire household, it’s important to review our expectations — especially those that consistently go unmet. Ask yourself:

  • Where does this expectation come from?
  • Is it realistic?
  • Is it relevant or just an old habit?
  • Is it do-able (for me and/or my family)?

As you begin this exercise, keep in mind this short yet powerful sentiment universally embraced by many in the midst of transition:

One Response to “When Momma Ain’t Happy. . .”

  1. Nicole Resendiz says:

    These are great articles and ideas! Thank you!