Speaking Topics


Family MVPs               (Morals, Values & Priorities)

Today’s Information Age provides our children unprecedented access to many remarkable things. While mainstream media, the Internet and social media can be educational and entertaining at times, they can also be a little (or a lot) inappropriate. Family MVPs underscores our children’s daily exposure to influential messages and offers fun, creative ways to focus their hearts on beliefs you want them to embrace.  Parents will walk away with practical steps to develop their children’s moral foundation and advocate the character qualities they choose for their families. (45-60 minutes)

Raising Community-Minded Kids

One of today’s parenting hot topics is children and their sense of entitlement. Teresa identifies some of the root causes of “entitlement” as she addresses our culture of over-parenting, over-scheduling, and over-indulging our children – which often produces self-centered children who lack gratitude, empathy, problem solving skills and other basic abilities. “RCMK” offers easy and useful, age-appropriate ideas to counter this growing problem. Moms will learn ways to foster a We-focused attitude in the hearts of their children, instead of a Me-focused attitude, ranging from simple chores completed at home — a child’s first community — up through adolescence. (45-60 minutes)

anger management

Mommy Anger…a dirty little secret no one wants to talk about.  Every mom will experience Mommy Anger to some degree, and yet, it’s a topic rarely touched. Many women have never before experienced personal anger with such intensity and don’t quite know what to do about it. Anger Management for Moms identifies the path of anger; what triggers it and options for calming it — and overcoming it.  Moms will come away with tips and tools they can use immediately to: manage their anger in the heat of the moment, reduce the potential for anger down the road, and teach simple age-appropriate expressions of anger and conflict resolution to young children. (45-60 minutes)

friendsAdventures in Friendship

Meeting new people is always an adventure! Whether you’re the new mom in town or your neighborhood network feels comfy cozy, everyone benefits and grows when we actively pursue new connections. Teresa explores the current culture of friendship and encourages women to be pioneering; to seek and be open to possibilities for new friendships. Women will be inspired by a fresh perspective and equipped through a progressive list of ideas to build relationships that count. (45-60 minutes)

Motherhood: the Journey of a Lifetime!MJ compass

An entertaining and informative approach to the travels and travails of motherhood. In this presentation women will learn how to:

  • Determine their compass points and set an individualized course for their journey.
  • Research and prepare for the different ports-of-call that all mommies pass through.
  • Use specific criteria to build a core group of supportive travel partners.
  • Identify port authorities (friends, strangers, siblings and parents) and balance their input.
  • Gracefully navigate bumpy terrain without losing their way. (45-60 minutes)